Full Swing Golf Online Tournaments Notice

November 3, 2015

Online Tournaments Update

Dear Full Swing Golf Simulator Owners:

Thank you for your continued interest in participating in the Online Tournaments platform. TruGolf has devoted significant resources to host OT as a fully integrated solution with the introduction of E6 version 1.6. In spite of this effort, the transition to the new TruGolf Online Tournaments (OT) platform may not be ready for the Fall /Winter Indoor Golf Season

Online play has become a significant part of business for many of our customers. We have recognized that the delay in the new TruGolf OT system may cause undue hardship to all Full Swing Indoor Golf Centers and the online tournament players worldwide.

How is OT used?

At Tee's & Cue's Indoor Golf, we use OT as an integral part of our business. Our Fall/Winter League runs 26 weeks with two 18-hole tournaments offered every week. "Majors" are additionally scheduled once a month that pay double the purse. We run several leagues simultaneously for Ladies, Seniors etc. The OT platform allows us to run multiple leagues, easily handling the scores, handicaps and awards, all automatically. The leagues result in hundreds of rounds per week. Without the OT platform, this would require endless hours of manual calculations and clerical work.

The tournament download provided by FSG included enough of the individual statistics to allow weekly prizes to be awarded throughout the season. The winning stat was different every week, sometimes even random selection. This ensured that the prize pool was distributed among all, not just the skilled players.

Charity has always been a huge part of professional golf, and throughout the year Tee's & Cue's supports that tradition by hosting several events for local charities. We also run a season-long 50/50 CTP for charity. The CTP tournament is run with a "Blind" leader board, keeping participation high. Traditionally the winners donate part, if not all of their share back to the charity. We use the OT platform to raise several thousand dollars for local charities every year.

We have also been able to engage some of our players in additional play, by participating in the FSG world-wide tournaments. This is a great opportunity to get multiple-play rounds each week.

None of this would be possible without the Full Swing OT platform. If you are not already incorporating these tools in your business, you should be. - Rick

Full Swing Golf developed and provided support for their OT platform at considerable expense for many years. Although that support ended with the TruGolf announcement earlier this year, due to the delay in the TruGolf launch, FSG has decided to restart their OT servers for those centers interested in continuing to offer online play to their customers. Bringing the servers back online and maintaining them through another season does come with significant cost. FSG has created a program that will allow centers and players to participate in another season of online play while helping us offset the high cost of hosting tournaments.

If you wish to participate in online play this season, we are asking US$25 per sim, per month, to be paid by monthly subscription. FSG will absorb any remaining balance of the expense. In addition, FSG will apply a $1 credit to your account for every dollar spent on the OT subscription. For example, a 3-sim center will pay $75/mo, and accumulate $450 of credit over a six-month period. This credit can be used to purchase parts and upgrades from FSG in the future.

To be fair to those paying to help keep the OT service alive, all non-participating centers will be locked out. Those Full Swing Golf Indoor Centers that indicate their participation will be contacted by FSG accounting to arrange for subscription.

Please indicate your interest in participation by return email to otsupport@fullswinggolf.com as soon as possible.

Best regards,

The Full Swing Golf Team


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